Since I was a young child, I had a fascination with cameras. My grandfather gave me one of his old cameras, of course it didn't work, but I took some of the most spectacular photographs never printed. In my mind that is what photography is, imagination at work. I had a great imagination as a child and like everything else, most of my childhood fascinations were replaced with real life experiences.

Growing up in Oklahoma was an adventure in itself and after I graduated high school I decided to join the Air Force which landed me in Las Vegas, Nevada. During my tour in Las Vegas I was sent to the Middle East during Desert Storm for nine months. That tour taught me a lot about life and the meaning of enjoying it (although it didn't sink in right away).

Shortly after my departure from the Air Force, my wife and I decided it was time to have children and that is when the spark kicked in again. I started with a video camera and meticulously made home videos with music. I then purchased a small point and shoot camera. Although the quality of the images weren't very good, I started to get the urge to do more.

That is what led me to where I am today. I live in Henderson, Nevada and enjoy all aspects of photography. One of my favorite definitions of photography is this: Photography is the art of capturing something fleeting: chasing time. Holding that which cannot be held. Motion made still. I hope that I have done this for you as you browse through my pages.

Thank you for stopping by.


John Yates